The ‘Naughty & Nice’ Litter has arrived.

19 Dec

Sadie stopped eating Monday, December 16th and even refused Bacon, so we knew something was up. A temperature check showed that her temperature was dropping. Those are her usual two big indicators of impending labor. We took her to the vet, and instead of the previous ultrasound’s estimate of 6 puppies, we had an X-ray estimate of 8-9. Wow!
The first boy, Rascal was born at 2:35AM on Tuesday, December 17th. At about 9AM, there was a long pause and no contractions with 3 puppies left, so we took Sadie to the vet for a little bit of oxytocin to help her get the last 3 out. The vet thought she might need a caesarian for the last puppy, but the last girl arrived within 5 minutes of her deadline. In total, Sadie whelped 5 boys and 4 girls for a grand total of 9! puppies.

In birth order: Rascal (Light Blue Boy), Rowdy (Red Boy), Angel (Pink Girl), Darling (Magenta Girl), Dandy (Dark Green Boy), Minx (Black girl), Mischief (Light Green boy), Button (Yellow Boy), Scamp (Purple Girl).

Momma and babies look fine. Here’s their first family photo.


Havoc and Sadie are so proud.

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