Over The Rainbow Bridge

Current Housemates

‘Lulu’ – Csardas Divine Miss Red JH

Registration Number: SR13912406
Date of Birth:08/22/2003
Date of Death: 09/21/2018
Sire: NFC DC Csardas Lakeside Zephyr SH – Photos
Dam: Csardas Stoppin’ Traffic
Her Pedigree.

Lulu was our first Vizsla. Becca, one of the grown-up human daughters, brought her to her parents at their texas ranch because college was preventing her from taking care of the lil’ Lulu. With all her personality, affection and intelligence she got us hooked on the breed and we’ve never looked back. She’s a ball of fire in a little Vizsla body. At 9, people still ask how old our puppy is when we take her to dog parks. She’s wasn’t originally intended to be a showgirl (though she won a few points), and with her slightly dysplastic hips we’ve had to cut back on her hunting career. Still, she’s around to supervise our show dogs and keep them in line.




2004 – 2017McGuyver, Guyver, Guyvie is a rescued Spanish greyhound or galgo that was adopted in Spain and moved to the US with Becca in 2011. He is content to just hang around the feistier vizsla girls, and nuzzle up for pettings. He’s pretty relaxed, and that’s a good thing, with all the vizsla naughtiness going on.

Wildwest Abby

Registration Number: SN26478605
OFA Hips:VZ-6257G46F-T

06/10/1995 – 4/22/2013

Our oldest lived vizsla was Abby, or Wildwest Abby.  She almost made it to 18 years old ! Just last year she managed to grab a raven that had been knocked over by our rescue greyhound and wouldn’t let go. It was pretty amazing.
We got Abby when she was rescued from an abusive situation of repeated litters, having her last litter at age 11. Her past owner had died, and she found her way to an owner who tried to turn out many litters. We found out through DNA testing she the dam of a friend of the family “Taz” CH Rebel Rouser Tascosa Gunslinger, SH at Tascosa Vizslas . You can read more about her rescue here. Abby is an example of why puppy buyers should be careful where they get their puppies. No dog should be producing 6 or more litters and certainly not at 11! This is why a good breeder will be tough on buyers, carefully screening them. And, breeders will usually have a lifetime return policy of first refusal, meaning that if for any reason you don’t want or can’t keep the dog, it will go back to the breeder. Some dog owners, will go so far as to have a dog clause in their will in case something should happen to them.
Luckily Abby keeps on truckin’. In her older days, she’s content mostly to lie on a cozy bed in the back yard watching the other dogs, take many naps and be spoiled by the “good stuff” (soft canned dog food which she loves).

Post rescue in 2006.

Her Puppies:

  • Offspring Name – Registration                                                Birthdate            HIPS
  • GOD’S GRACE OF THE FLATLAND – SN50995905               12/22/97        VZ-8140G64F-PI
  • REBEL ROUSER TASCOSA GUNSLINGER – SN61824401     02/09/99      VZ-7081G24M-PI
  • REBEL ROUSER BEAU- SN61824409                                      02/09/99      VZ-8112G50M-NOPI
  • REBEL ROUSER LEX  – SN68530501                                        10/18/99       VZ-7814G35M-PI
  • REBEL ROUSER JAKE XI – SR03147402                                   08/17/02       VZ-8952G27M-NOPI
  • BUCK’S WILDWEST DAISY – SR19117701                                06/11/04       VZ-9863G24F-NOPI



Tascosa’s Playing With Fire, JH  “Evie”

AKC #: SR32447103
OFA Hips#:VZ-10920G28F-VPI
DOB: 2/11/2006 – 6/2/2010

Eve came from strong Rebel Rouser hunting lines and was working on her hunting title. Mostly she liked to sit in our laps, sit in the kitchen and ‘talk’ to let us know it was dinner time and had a sweet and stubborn personality. Sadly, she was killed by a rattlesnake bite when she tried to defend her dog friends from being injured.

Hauptmann Kirk

1996 – 2009

Kirk was the family dog growing up in Davis, California before the family moved to Amarillo, Texas. He was not much of a guard dog, preferring to lounge in the backyard. He was pretty tolerant of the fiesty little vizsla girls, and despite moving slowly in his old age, could snatch a toy or two away from a too brave puppy.

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