Our philosophy:
We are a small breeder of Vizslas that splits time between Amarillo, TX and Northern, NM (Summers). We just love the versatile Vizsla. LaTierra Vizslas primarily shows dogs, but we will occasionally have a litter. We believe strongly that breeding for monetary gain does not benefit the breed and can lead to overbreeding or overpopulating the world with unwanted dogs. However, we do care about responsibly breeding dogs that will contribute to the breed standard in health, conformation, and hunting ability. If you are interested in puppies, definitely read about the unique vizsla, check out our litter information page and and take some time to determine if a vizsla is right for you.

The Beginning:
Once there was a family whose daughters grew up and went to college. After some research, the athlete, Becky, decided to buy a Vizsla, appropriate for her active lifestyle. ‘Lulu’ was a year and a half when she was purchased from a small California breeder who couldn’t keep as many dogs at home. Though Lulu was never going to be shown (she is a bit dysplastic), her incredible intelligence, affection and sheer intensity was pretty remarkable. Sadly, Rebecca realized that she was neglecting the lil’ Lulu with too much schoolwork, and Mom and Dad decided their acreage in Texas was the perfect place for a ‘birdy’ little pointer. They too fell in love with the Vizsla, and an interest in hunting and showing Vizslas soon followed. After Lulu, Evie was brought home from a local Vizsla breeder and hunting enthusiast in Texas. She was stubborn, sweet and affectionate, the most stoic of our Vizslas. Tragically, Evie was killed by a rattlesnake while she defended her family. And, Abby also joined the little Vizsla pack. Rescued from a puppy mill, she had her last litter at 11, but is enjoying her very spoiled retirement reaching 17 years of age this Spring. It became clear that showing and hunting with Vizslas would fill the empty nest.

Ruby’s Daughters:
Sadie. Late in 2006, we heard that Ruby (BISS Am Ch Grouspt Semprfi Vorosakapink) was going to have a litter with Bryce (GCH Szizlin Kes-Dil Bryce Canyon) and were excited to get a puppy out of two amazing champions. Sadie (GCH Artisan’s Symphony in Pink), born Jan, 24th, 2007, is our pretty girl, receiving Awards of Merit at both Eukanuba and the Vizsla National Speciality shows in 2010. Sadie has retired from showing and is looking forward to being a momma to new puppies. We plan to finish her hunting and agility titles in the coming years.

Lali. Our 2nd Artisan puppy is champ Lali (GCH Artisan’s Pink Lollapalooza) born September, 22nd, 2009. She is also a daughter of Ruby (BISS Am GCH Grouspt Semprfi Vorosakapink) by Celtic (BISS AFC CH Can CH Comynara Celtic Red Oak MH). She was ranked #8 nationally by the Vizsla Club of American in 2011, behind her older half-brother by Ruby #1 (2010-2012) ‘Kato’ (GCh Artisan Grouse Point Pink Panther JH) and Sadie’s litter mate Vlad (GCH Artisan’s Vladimir The Imperial) at #2. Her litter-mate Wally (MBISS GCH Artisan Grouse Point Pink’s Floyd) was at #20. She won’t be producing litters till the Spring 2014, but feel free to set up a visit to meet our sweet-natured girl.

Our Breeding

Sadie X Tosci – Diamond Jubilee Litter – June 2012
Charlie CH LaTierra’s Charlemagne AKA Carolus Magnus is our puppy out of GCh Artisan’s Symphony in Pink and BISS CH Copper Creek Toscanini’s GSM MH. Like his parents he is beautiful boy and recently has won several Best of Breeds and a group placement.  His littermate Rory, GCH LaTierra’s Rory O’Rourke completed his championship at 14 months and Grand Championship at 19 months. We’re hoping for big things from these two brothers.

Sadie X Havoc – Naughty N’ Nice Litter – December 2013

Nine puppies, 5 boys and 4 girls,  were whelped form this litter. We’ll just have to wait and see what amazing things these rascals get up to.

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