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September 2013 Pupdate

11 Sep

Hello Vizsla Lovers!

New Champion!

photo 2

CH LaTierra Rory O’Rourke finished his championship at the New River Valley Kennel Club Show on August 4th, 2013. Yea!

Litter Plans

The new mama!

Sadie will be bred this November with puppies able to go home in March 2014. We are still taking applications for this litter. Lali will be bred next Spring with puppies able to go home during Summer 2014.

May 2013 Pupdate

8 May

Lali Portrait by Pam

Congrats to Lali ‘GCH Artisan’s Pink Lollapalooza’ for winning an Award of Merit at the Vizsla Club of America’s National Specialty event in Minnesota last week. We’re so proud of our girl.

And, Lali’s brother and Sadie’s littermate Vlad ‘GCH Artisan’s Vladimir the Imperial’ also got an Award of Merit. He was proud papa to a lot of beautiful pups in the show.

Sadie’s son Charlie, LaTierra’s Charlemagne AKA Corolus Magnus, is starting to look like his back end is connected to his front end, and won his American Bred class in the same show. We’re looking forward to more wins with our goofy and beautiful boy.

At the VCA specialty, we also did some potential husband shopping for Sadie and Lali. Check back in the late summer for news of our breeding decisions and our planned Fall 2013 Lali litter. We know we’ll get some pretty puppies out of our showgirl.

Abby at 17

Abby at 17

And sad news, we have lost our sweet 17-year-old vizsla Wild West Abby. She had a lovely long life and is now over the rainbow bridge.

Valentine’s Show Pupdates

22 Feb

Charlie, LaTierra’s Charlemagne AKA Carolus Magnus, won his puppy class twice at the Denver show. We also had a pretty new picture taken by the McCartney’s, Such a pretty head at 8 months! Thank you Tosci and Sadie.
Charlie at 8 Months

Lali, Artisan’s Pink Lollapalooza, won Best of Opposite at the Denver Specialty show and also got a new picture. So cute.


Miss Sage, LaTierra’s Bohemian Rhapsody, was in the ring for the first time in Denver this past weekend and won a puppy class. Hopefully we’ll be getting a couple of beauty photos taken soon. 🙂

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