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Naughty N’ Nice Day 49

20 Feb

Just catching up with the Naughty N’ Nice backlog of photos. These are from a few weeks ago when we were practicing ‘heel’ with peanut butter on a slotted spoon.

Naughty N’ Nice Day 42

4 Feb


Naughty N’ Nice Day 41

1 Feb

We had a relatively warm January day and we decided it would be the perfect time to dress up the puppies in cute sweaters (a bit big because they are meant to fit at 8 weeks), and give them a romp on the outdoor patio. Hilarity ensued.

Naughty N Nice Day 38

31 Jan

The puppies have figured out how to launch themselves over the “half door” we made so momma could get into the ex-pen. You can see they can put their paws on top and look cute in an effort to get picked up. After this we had to close the main gate to make the ex pen door full height.


Naughty N Nice Day 34

24 Jan
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