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Puppy Biting

20 Feb

A great post about how to stop “mouthy” puppies. Vizslas were bred to be hunting dogs which means they instinctually point, retrieve and put things (everything) in their mouths when young. But, it’s important to train your Vizsla out of tasting or testing people regularly.

Red Dawg Lady

I have just received a random e-mail from someone who bought a Vizsla puppy from another breeder, and is having some puppy biting problems that are mostly caused by the human. While I usually go over all of this in person with my clients, it surely doesn’t hurt to get the information out there early

The one thing I can guarantee everybody is that your puppy will, at some point, be very mouthy and will likely chomp down on you (or your kids, or your clothes, etc) too hard. This is normal puppy behavior, and is not a sign of aggression in a 2-5 month old puppy. It absolutely does need to be stopped though!

Sometimes when a puppy bites it is because the puppy is over-stimulated and needs a time out. Sometimes it is because the puppy is under-exercised and needs to go out to play some fetch. Sometimes…

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Red Girl

10 Aug


Update: Home found for Red Girl AKA Lady GahGah. Thanks for all the interest. We had some last minute shuffling of puppies and homes based on evaluations and gender preferences. Due to this, our red girl is still available. She is an energetic sweet female who could very likely finish her show championship. We think she’s a doll, but being the V that she is, is probably a bit too smart for her own good. She’ll need an experienced dog owner, particularly someone who wants to spend time training their dog. She is up to date on her vaccinations, has passed her vet checks, and has started potty training. If you plan to show her to prove breeding quality, she will come with full registration and co-ownership. If you plan on making her a companion animal, she will be placed on the standard limited registration (meaning you will not be able to show her, any breeding would violate the pet contract, and any puppies will not able to be pedigreed); In that case, you will agree to wait to spay her until approximately 18 months when the growth plates have fully developed. Please see the AKC website for further discussion of AKC rules and regulations. If you’re interested in red girl, please email us an application.

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