February 2013 Pupdate

3 Feb

Wags and Brags


LaTierra’s Rory O’Rourke  ‘Rory’

Rory has been doing quite well as a budding show dog.  He went Best of Winners at Middle Peninsula Kennel Club of Virginia on Sunday o1/27/13.  Congrats to Anne and Phil!

LaTierra Charlemagne  AKA Carolus Magnus ‘Charlie’ 

Despite his tendency to forget his butt is attached to his body, Charlie went Best of Opposite to his Best of Breed Aunt Lali, Artisan’s Pink Lollapalooza at Hobbs New Mexico Kennel Club  on Saturday 02/02/13. We hope he’ll do just as well the rest of the weekend.  

Artisan’s Pink Lollapalooza ‘Lali’

Lali won Best of Breed on Saturday 02/02/13 at Hobbs New Mexico Kennel Club on Saturday 02/02/13.

One Response to “February 2013 Pupdate”

  1. oztyrkala February 6, 2013 at 1:29 pm #

    Congraulations! 🙂

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