Diamond Jubilee Litter Evaluation

9 Aug

Last week was a big week for Sadie and Tosci’s puppies. They had conformation and temperament evaluations, had their first vet visit, and four puppies have already gone to their forever home.

This last weekend, Grandma Joan Topeke from Artisan’s Vizslas, owner of Ruby and breeder of Sadie, came to meet all the puppies. She had lots of treats and toys so everyone was happy to see her. We did some stacking and some temperament checks and everyone passed with flying colors! Joan has been immeasurably helpful in breeding this litter of gorgeous puppies.

On Tuesday, Pat Hastings, a professional puppy evaluator, came to look at the puppies and give us her opinion of their pet vs. show quality structure as well as another set of temperament testing. Wow, it was very interesting and we learned a lot from her years of experience. I don’t think we’ll look at dogs quite the same way again.

And Thursday, the puppies went to the vet and passed their health check with flying colors. They are completely healthy happy puppies. Oh, and they also got their first shots, which didn’t seem to phase them a bit.

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