Puppies and Breeding

Litter Announcement!

We’re pleased to announce our GCH Artisan’s Lollapalooza ‘Lali’ is confirmed pregnant by BISS GCh HRQ’s Guess Who’s in Trouble, JH, OA, OAJ ‘Havoc’. We loved our gorgeous last litter between Sadie and Havoc, so we’re very excited about this breeding. Puppies are due July 14, 2014. Please fill out an application if you are interested in this litter.

Our Breeding Philosophy

We breed occasionally, less than 1 litter a year on average, and we put emphasis on health first, and then bettering the breed.

Health: We are Vizsla Club of America members which means we adhere to a strict breeder code of ethics. While the VCA requires hip health testing with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, we test for not only hips but elbows, eyes, cardiac and thyroid. All of our scores will be found under each dogs’ profile and are verifiable in the online public database at http://www.offa.org. Will will only breed to other champion dogs who have completed and passed CHIC level testing which is hips, eyes and thyroid. We hope that you as the buyer will insist on verifying health checks with offa.org, and buying puppies from breeders willing to ensure the health of the dogs they produce.

Bettering the Breed:  In our view, there are many unwanted dogs produced every day. The ONLY reason to breed is to better the dogs you are producing. To that end we ensure that our dogs are sound specimens by putting a championship but usually a grand championship on the dog. We also participate in other events and are working toward putting titles on our dogs in other arenas. We will only breed to other dogs who are excellent examples of the breed with at least a championship. While breeding champions does not guarantee you are dealing with a reputable breeder, it certainly implies a love of the breed and breeding sound dogs. Every buyer should be aware that “from Champion lines” is not the same as “Champions” and should be wary of this advertisement for litters.

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