Puppies FAQ

How often do you have puppies?

We breed selectively and infrequently. For information about current or planned litters, please click on latest puppy news. If you are serious about wanting a puppy from an upcoming litter, consider sending us an application and a deposit.

How do I increase my chances of getting a LaTierra puppy?

We’d prefer to think of this as matching the right dog to the right owner. We have no way of telling which dog’s temperament or conformation quality is appropriate for which owner until evaluations are done in the 8th week. To best match you with the right dog, we recommend being as honest as possible in your application. Up until evaluations are done, we can’t guarantee a specific puppy.

How do you socialize/train your puppies?

Our puppies are whelped in our house, usually in our bedroom walk-in closet where it’s warm and mama can feel safe. They are each held everyday while they are petted, weighed and nails kept trimmed. When they are weaned, we put them in a large x-pen in the den where they can get used to family life. They are exposed to older dogs, gently challenged (by picking them up and holding them on their back, gentle tickling, gentle squeezing of paws, etc.), and played with so they are confident and socialized for their new homes. During the 6th – 8th weeks we will work on teaching the puppies not to jump by picking them up only when they aren’t jumping. We’ll get them used to a kennel by attaching one to the x-pen, etc. Basically we’ll try to expose them to lots of sights and sounds like kiddie pools, interesting toys, some unusual noises, etc.

What do your puppies eat?

After having mom’s milk exclusively, we will start to introduce puppy formula at about 3 weeks. At 4 weeks, we will soften wellness brand puppy chow with cans of soft puppy food mixed in. At about 7 weeks we gradually switch them to adult wellness kibble, with a small amount of adult soft food mixed in. At 8 weeks when they are ready to go home, they will be used to adult food. We also mix in high-quality salmon once a week to give them omega 3s for their coats.

Can your puppies ship?

We will not ship puppies if the weather is too hot or cold so they will need to be either shipped when they are older or the weather is better, picked up via car or carried onto a plane. Puppies are unlikely to fit under the seat of an airplane after 9 weeks of age. We will drive to and ship older puppies in moderate weather out of Denver as the flights tend to be direct. We can also drive to meet somewhere in the middle depending on circumstances.

How much do puppies cost?

Vizsla puppies from reputable breeders can cost anywhere from $1000 to $3000. If you feel this is too expensive, please consider adopting a Vizsla from Vizsla rescue, rather than buying from a puppy mill/pet store. Rescues make wonderful pets. If you’d like to learn about our specific prices/shipping costs, please email us.

I’m a new owner, is there a shopping list?

Yes! Click on the link.

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